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£150 Loans for Students

Being a student is a huge step towards becoming a fully-functioning (OK, at least partially functioning) adult. It brings with it all kinds of firsts - from navigating new roads (by car or on foot) or dealing with plumbing emergencies (ever heard of a stopcock? No, not that…) to simply eating properly without someone reminding you to get your 5 fruit ’n’ veg.

Money management is definitely something that takes a couple of terms to get used to, even if you’re already used to budgeting (you don’t fully appreciate the Saturday family shop until you move several hundred miles away from it).

While there are plenty of jobs with flexible hours open to students, it’s not always an option. Especially when some degrees involve significant amounts of lab time, seemingly endless days crammed with lectures, and a hefty dose of homework on top (medicine, we’re looking at you). You might find yourself somewhat strapped for cash and need to ask around for a £150 loan.

It’s not unusual for students to find themselves in a sticky situation through nothing other than oversight. It might be a very specific issue where you’re suddenly having to spend more money than you have, or simply that you’re still learning exactly how much it costs to keep yourself alive on a weekly basis (hint: it requires more than Jägerbombs).

This is where we come in. We totally get that students have unique needs, and that being a bit short of cash at the end of your first term doesn’t mean you’re headed for a life of money problems. Just in case, you can only borrow £350 at the most from Smart-Pig and our interest rate is capped at 50% of what you borrow.

We’re here to help - because we know it can be hard enough away from home without worrying about running out of money. Check out Smart Pig loans, and see if we can give you a hand.

You Might Need A £150 Loan For… 

…a deposit, to secure that all-important accommodation for second year. And if you need us again when you have to call in pest control, we’ll still be here.

£150 might help you pay your car insurance (hi, designated driver), or buy your train tickets back and forth from home at the start/end of term - especially at the end of the summer, when your next student finance payment may not be arriving until term actually begins.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…
"I really love that this company is for the student! I'm at university and as many students know the amount of money provided by the university is a generous amount however doesn't suffice 3-4 months. I really needed money to be able to eat and pay bills etc and this company was perfect! I think allowing the customer to pay back on their student finance payment day is brilliant! I love this service WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!"
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to:
Your University may be able to offer financial support and advice.
Representative Example: £250 loan for 87 days. Interest 292% p.a. fixed. Total to repay £375.00. Representative 448% APR