Loans for Students

Loans for Students from Smart-Pig

Here at Smart-Pig, we understand that financing your studies can be difficult. This is why we offer an alternative to student payday loans. We were founded out of concern about how students were treated by short-term lenders, and no-one understands student lending like we do.
Use our loan calculator to find financial help that’s right for you.

How Much can I Borrow and for how Long?

Our loans offer financial help for students. We provide loans for up to £350, subject to a financial assessment of what you can afford to borrow. With a maximum lending period of 180 days, you can borrow money until your next student loan payment, or even sooner.

You can apply for a loan in our 10-minute application process, and we can walk you through each and every step. Plus, once you’ve completed the application process, we ensure that the money is in your account on the same day, usually within two hours.

Why Choose Smart-Pig for an Emergency Student Loan?

At Smart-Pig, our emergency loans for students are designed to be a safer form of borrowing than other short-term loans or payday loans.

Our loans also come with a number of unique features. You can top up your limit, change the due date of your payment (up to the date of your student loan payment), or choose to repay the money you owe early, all from your online account.

We also don’t charge any fixed late fees, and there’s a 10-day grace period if your student loan doesn’t arrive on time.

There are also no rollovers, and we will never ask you to only pay the interest on your loan. With a 50% interest cap (even if you run into trouble), our loans will never cost more than 50% of the amount you borrow. This is half of what other lenders charge and is part of our ethical pledge. We have your best interests at heart and want to do what’s right for you.

Do You Offer Loans for Students with Bad Credit?

We offer loans for students with bad credit. The good news is that our loans for students have the potential to improve your credit rating. Taking out a loan with us and paying it back on time will prove your ability to repay a loan, helping to boost your credit rating.

However, if you are declined for a loan, fail to meet the repayments or miss a payment, your credit rating will be negatively affected.

At Smart-Pig, we’re a responsible lender. This means that we make a number of checks on your financial health as part of the application process, to ensure you can afford our loans. This involves a credit check, an identity check and verification of your income.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Loan for Students?

To apply for one of our emergency loans for students, you’ll need:

•  A valid UK bank account and debit card
•  To be a resident of the United Kingdom aged 18 or over
•  To be a student at a UK university

To be in receipt of a Student Loan, Grant or Bursary from Student Finance England/Wales, SAAS or the NHS. 

How Do I Apply for an Emergency Student Loan with Smart-Pig?

1)   Enter the date you expect to receive your next student loan into our calculator. It’s important that the information is accurate. You can verify the date online. Just see the ‘Getting Your Payment Letter’

2)   Using the calculator, you can then choose how much money you’d like to borrow (up to £350), and how long you’d like to borrow it for (up to 180 days)

3)   Click ‘Apply Now’ and follow the simple steps. You’ll need to create an account before you complete your application

Please note that your repayment date doesn’t have to be the same date as your student loan payment, and it can be earlier if you require.
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to:
Your University may be able to offer financial support and advice.
Representative Example: £250 loan for 44 days. Interest 292% p.a. fixed. Total to repay £338.00. Representative 1121% APR