*Depending on your eating habits – we don’t think this will quite cover champagne and caviar…

Knowing how you’ll be grappling with revision and exams in the coming months, Smart-Pig will once again be giving away 3 x £50 Tesco vouchers to keep you topped up with your favourite food over the exam season.

We’ve all had the weeks when we’ve lived off nothing but pasta – but £50 can be more than enough to see you through a full week’s worth of everyday food. To prevent this requiring any brain activity on your part we’ve put together a few sites for cheap, easy meals that don’t compromise on taste.

To enter the Tesco Voucher competition simply like our Facebook page and comment with your favourite revision snack.

Make sure you comment and like before 12pm on 30th April 2015.

The winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on 01/05/2015 along with a shortlist of our favourite entries – the guiltier the secret, the stranger the food, the more we’ll love it!

The below examples illustrate how much you can get for £50 – Good Food magazine, for example, has a regular monthly section that gives you your evening meals and kindly lays out your necessary shopping in a handy list.

A Girl Called Jack

Jack Monroe is a renowned food blogger particularly famed for her incredibly tasty, incredibly affordable, recipes. You’ll be amazed at the ‘price per portion’ figures that accompany them – they sound almost too good to be true!

Good Food

The Good Food website has plenty of articles like ‘Five Night Family Suppers’ and ‘Cheap Eats’, many of which have ready-made shopping lists (and if not you can build your own with an in-site function anyway). This one’s also great for sussing quick, no-fuss recipes when your mind is on more important things.


Tesco’s website has an excellent ‘On A Budget’ section and will give you a running total of your basket as you add the ingredients for different meals – you’ll find that £50 goes a long way!

Jamie Oliver

Some of his recipes can get a bit time-consuming, but they look the business – here you’ll find what to cook when you want to have a mini dinner party to take your mind off of work. It doesn’t have to be complicated; there’s a ‘Posh Beans On Toast’ recipe in there…

We also love this Curry In A Hurry recipe from Nigella – it’s fast, cheap and tastes fantastic so is perfect both for feeding a few or for keeping in the fridge to feed yourself over a few days. Ignore the silly line about finding a saucepan that ‘owns’ a lid, as the method makes no such mention of it.

Lastly we’d like to wish you all the best of luck with your exams and assignments :)

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Date Posted

20 April 2015