Meet our take away pizza winners was created in our student room at university, so we know exactly how amazing that steamy hot pizza is going to taste once it arrives at your door, especially if your kitchen is as bare as ours whilst at uni!

Smart-Pig has always been about the students (that's you GUYS!) So let's celebrate the love you have shown us with some yummy pizza!

Below are the names of the 30 lucky students who are about to bank a takeaway pizza. Woohoo.

-- fill me in Rosie --
  • Ellen Holmes
  • Chanelle Faucher
  • Sarah Kemp
  • Eve Ousley
  • John Burrell
  • Gillian Michaelis Aitken
  • Sam Bampton
  • Tara Annett
  • Maria Sharkey
  • Josh Willemsen
  • Suzi Sloan
  • Madeleine Finch
  • Lilly Cow
  • Lauren Wressell
  • Nuala Lomax
  • Tyler Parkinson
  • Ethan Alexander Reynolds
  • Erin Burleigh
  • Charlotte Suzanne Birks
  • Alison Bonsor
  • Charis Gambon
  • Matthew Staten
  • DeeDee Murray
  • Georgie Cali Lewis-Roberts
  • Joni Hannah
  • Catt Jackson
  • Caoimhe McDonald
  • Luke Anthony Walsh
  • Ryan Glass
  • Emily Capless
30K Facebook likes, Yikes! Thank you, we love you too!

So how do you claim your box of cheesy heaven? Simply DM us over on Facebook and we will arrange the rest! All prizes must be claimed before the 31st Dec 2017.

In other news, we will be giving away some super sweet prizes in the build-up to Christmas, without saying too much... let's just say, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! YAY!

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