We’ve had many entries into our Tesco Voucher Competition and your many suggestions for making your money go further in term, were fantastic!

Some of our favourite tips were:

"Eat at other people's house :)"

"If you have a small freezer and a fair few house mates. Chip in and buy essentials (bread, milk, etc) and stuff for meals together. Alternate cooking and washing up. Saved me when I was scraping for pennies at the end of the year"

"You don't have to buy pens the whole year if you do two laps of the freshers fair"

"Save £3 a day using a standing order to your savings account. It's the same amount as a fancy coffee, or a beer or a sandwich. You'll never notice it leaving your account. But you'd save over £1000 at the end of the year!"

Unfortunately there can only be 1 winner (or in our case 10!) so therefore, please give your congratulations to:

Millie Jewitt
Chris Rob
Rose Ryk
Charlotte Olivia Vause
Ethan Wetherall
Jack Major
Ellen Rodda
Sarah Elizabeth Pidcock
Joe Medford
Aoife Glynn

who have all won a £50 Tesco Voucher. Well done!

For all you other folks, keep an eye out for more competitions coming soon.

Lastly, we'd like to wish everyone all the best with the rest of their studies.

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Date Posted

14 October 2016