‘By students, for students’ is what we live by at Smart-Pig. We strive to provide excellent customer service to every student who finds themselves in a situation where a short term loan is needed. The service we implement has been fashioned with the partiucular circumstances of students at it's core and we’ve helped thousands of students out of difficult financial situations since we wrote our first loan from a student bedroom back in 2012.

‘’If you’re ever running out of cash, if you're ever struggling to pay a bill for that month. Go to Smart-Pig. They’ll help you out.They’ll sort you out. If you’re struggling to pay it back, just email them. They’ll understand.’’

Liam (20) is studying Musical Theatre at Blackpool and the Flyde College. After university he would like to perform on the West end and on Broadway. Liam got in touch about our services back in 2017 to help with life at uni, we got in touch to find out more about his experience using Smart-Pig, this is what he said…

Broadway Time Square

SP: How did come you across Smart-Pig? What did you think on your initial impressions?

Liam: ‘’Well initially I was searching for a loan to help get me through. Then one day I was browsing through my Facebook feed and I got a notification that popped up and it was Smart-Pig. So I opened up the website and gave it quick look through. My first impressions of it..it was a little sketchy at first because I have a little bit of trouble trusting loan companies.

I read a couple of the reviews. Some were really good actually! One of the good ones actually persuaded to continue my decision to take a loan with Smart-Pig’’

SP: Why did you apply for the loan?

Liam: ‘’The reason I took out this loan was because it was the holidays, it was Christmas time. I had no money to get home. I had no money to get my family any presents. It was a quick decision really. I took it out, I finally did get home for Christmas, and I got my mum a nice present. It was worth it in the end’’

London at Christmas

SP: How easy did you find the application process?

Liam: ‘’The application process was very very simple. Quite surprisingly simple actually because with loans you expect it to be difficult, you’ve got to sign this and that but with Smart-Pig it's literally a step to step guide and it helps you out with the whole process.’’

SP: Overall, how did you find the customer experience?

Liam: ‘’Overall my experience with Smart-Pig and the customer experience was honestly, I’d give it a 10/10. It’s fantastic. Everyone is so nice.’’

SP: Are there any particularly memorable things from your experience with us?

Liam: ‘’One of the memorable things for me was just how quick they do email you back. It seems silly but I emailed them about 7pm and within 10 minutes I got an email back straight away because I had a couple questions of my own so I was curious and I got a response back almost immediately’’

‘’The fact that it’s aimed towards students and it offers you a 10 day grace period. They know and we know how it difficult it is to sort our student loans out. There is always issues. I had an issue last year where someone changed my address and I didn’t get the full amount straight away and that’s where Smart-Pig came in.’’

It was marvelous to hear about Liam’s experience and it’s why we do what we do. We are here to aid students in those money tight moments.

If you are considering using our services visit our website]() for more information about our loans, which come with a ten-day grace period, a lower interest cap than most other lenders and a customer service team that is always happy to help no matter what the situation.

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Date Posted

17 March 2019