At Smart-Pig we pride ourselves on being ‘By students, for students’ and providing exceptional customer service to every student who finds themselves in need of a short-term loan. The service has been designed with the special circumstances of students in mind and we’ve helped thousands of students out of a tight spot since we wrote our first loan from a student bedroom back in 2012.

Disclaimer: Smart-Pig does not charge late payment fees, the daily rate of interest may still apply if you have not reached your interest cap

I really like the fact that they take into consideration when we actually get money from student finance. They always make sure that the date that they ask you to pay back the money is when student finance has come and there’s a ten day grace period.’’

Mpumie (19) is studying Psychology at Keele University. After university she wants to move to Korea to help children. Mpumie used our services back in 2018 to help with a transition to new accommodation, we got in touch to find out more about her experience using Smart-Pig, this is what she said…

SP: How did you come across Smart-Pig? What did you think on your initial impressions?

Mpumie: ‘’I typed into google ‘Can I get some student loans somewhere?’’ and Smart-Pig came up. At first, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t exactly know how loans worked. After doing some reading, decided Smart-Pig was probably the best choice.’’

SP: Why did you apply for the loan?

Mpumie: ‘’During first year, I needed to move all my things out of my accommodation and my mum decided to have my little brother and he kinda stole my room. So I had nowhere to put my things. So I had to take out some money to pay for a storage unit and the loan that I got from Smart-Pig helped me cover that for easter’’


SP: How easy did you find the application process?

Mpumie: ‘’The application process was actually pretty easy and straightforward to follow. Everything was there for me. If I made a mistake they jumped onto the email and told me exactly what I needed to do and how to fix it.’’

SP: Would you recommend Smart-Pig to your friends? If so, why?

Mpumie: ‘’I would 100% recommend Smart-Pig to my friends and I already have because it’s one of the few loan places that are actually very helpful to students and actually take into consideration that we are students and we get money at a certain time. I really like that.’’

SP: Overall, how did you find the customer experience?

Mpumie: “The experience with Smart-Pig was pretty easy. I thought it would be really stressful and I’d have a headache and mental breakdown but it was really easy to use, really really saved, saved me a little bit during Easter. The customer service was really good. They were really friendly and they don’t make you feel like an idiot for messing up’’

‘’I think alot of people benefit from Smart-Pig as it’s one of the places where the interest rate isn’t too high. I take out £200 for a couple of days, I’m paying just over £200 back. Nothing crazy or 100% interest because that’s kinda crazy but Smart-Pig doesn't do that.’’

It was excellent to hear about Mpumie’s experience and it’s why we do what we do. We are here to help students in those money tight moments.

If you are considering using our services visit our website for more information about our loans, which come with a ten-day grace period, a lower interest cap than most other lenders and a customer service team that is always happy to help no matter what the situation.

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Date Posted

02 January 2019