You might be having some minor issues, like a delay in your student finance payment or difficulty processing payments via your online account. This article will help you quickly troubleshoot the most common issues!

How do I repay my loan?

We will automatically collect the amount you owe on the day you promised to repay, using the debit card details you gave us when you applied. You'll then be welcome to apply again in the future.

If you know that the funds are going to be unavailable on the repayment date, you must either extend your loan or contact us via email at: [email protected]

Can I pay via bank transfer?

If you are having trouble paying by debit card, you can pay by bank transfer to:

Account No: 00226106
Sort Code: 04-00-72

Reference: Your surname and loan #

Please send an email to [email protected] telling us that you have done this or your payment may not be picked up.

What happens if you can't take the payment from my debit card?

If the transaction is declined by your bank when we attempt to collect your promised repayment, we will try to get in touch by email, phone and SMS. As detailed in our Terms and Conditions we will then try to take payment for the full amount again 2 days later.

After this point you can only repay your loan by logging in and repaying in My Account.

What happens if my student finance is delayed or the date I will receive it has been changed?

No problem. You have a ten-day grace period in which to make the payment without any negative effect on your credit file. You can log into your account and make a payment as soon as you receive your student finance. If you reach the end of the ten-day grace period and your student finance still isn't in your account get in touch with us so that we can update your account details and extend the date of your loan repayment.

My payment was declined but it should have gone through. What's going on?

We are trying to charge the debit card that you gave us when you applied for your Smart-Pig loan.

If this card has expired or been replaced you will need to upload the new details in My Account > My Info > Bank Details.

You should make sure there are sufficient funds in the account.

If the transaction is still not going through, the payment has been blocked by your bank because it does not match your usual spending habits. Get in touch with your bank to unblock the card, then log in and repay the loan manually.

We hope this post has helped, should you be experiencing any other issue please contact the customer service team via email [email protected], or via phone on 0203 507 1930.

Tip: It may be quicker to receive a reply via e-mail during busy periods.

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Date Posted

09 January 2017