Cupids knocking and he comes bearing gifts… soppy cards & overpriced roses anyone? We are all for expressing yourself to your special someone and making them feel warm and fuzzy on the inside but let’s do it without burning through those savings.

Why not shun the materialism in favour of something a little more authentic & heartfelt this year.

Get nostalgic

It’s agreed that time is the most valuable commodity so why not show your SO that all the time spent with them was a pleasure and a gift worth remembering. Sift through your social media apps, selfies or mementoes from times spent together and why not create a collage, an album or a slideshow. Anything, as long as it gets the message across that you really kinda like them a lot!

Get creative

What’s your creative talent? Are you a painter? Can you compose a love ballad? Or maybe you have some mad skills with some glitter and Pritt stick? Whatever the skill, put them to use, show off your talent with a labour of love. Even if you aren’t creatively gifted you can still make something, the thought and enthusiasm will go a long way.

Create an I.O.U book

Everyone has that one thing they do that their partner loves, whether it’s your special spag boll or a back rub. Why not make a book of all those things only you can do for your SO for them to claim at any time, just be ready to deliver whenever their heart desires. Colourful paper bound together with some nice ribbon or if you’re a graphic design wiz you can make one digitally. Either way, your BF/GF will enjoy calling in those fun-filled stubs!

A few ideas to get you going:

  • No phones night
  • A massage
  • Personal barista for the day
  • Make their favourite meal
  • An activity of their choice
  • A BIG hug
  • Day of compliments

Dinner by candlelight at home

Who really wants to sit in a packed out restaurant alongside 60 other couples picking from the same set menu? NO ONE! Why not create a special evening for just the two of you by sending your SO a special invite to an evening hosted by you. Ask them to dress up or dress down, whatever the mood dictates, make food they love, make a playlist, light some candles… you get the gist.

The idea is to create a personal experience as possible with a focus on what your special person likes.

Picnic then a night under the stars

Ok, so we are at the mercy of the British climate for this one but if you can pull it off then it’s sure to be a winner. This is an all-day event, plan your food choices carefully, little snacks work great, a bottle of award-winning fizz from the likes of Aldi or whatever you like to drink and you’re set for a romantic date for two. Remember to wrap up warm, pack a few blankets and if you can get your hands on some battery-powered candles and a bluetooth speaker you can really set the mood come sunset.

This is a great way to get away from your day to day and so something different, the key is to make a great memory whilst enjoying some QT together.

We hope these ideas help inspire a great Valentines without blowing your savings one heart-shaped chocolate at a time!

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Student Life

Date Posted

10 February 2020