It's time to dust off your face paint and plastic spiders! We've put together a list of people you will most certainly meet this Halloween, avoid being toilet roll zombie number two and come up with something more creative!

The Toilet Roll Zombie

You can guarantee at this time of year that someone will have forgotten to get a costume for the party. You will see them at the start rolling themselves in toilet roll and going round asking if anyone has any fake blood left. Usually a hit with the ladies in a club due to an unsurprising toilet roll shortage, it may be cheap and quick but ends up being a very useful costume, though it’s a miracle if it’s still somewhat intact by the end of the night.

The Tesco Vampire

The teeth are 40p and the fake blood is £1 – put something black on and they’re ready to go. Once the £1.40 has been factored into the budget the rest has been invested in pre-drink and enough to get into the club of choice come midnight. You will often see the Tesco Vampire playing beer pong, and later on see the teeth floating in the cup. By the end of the night they will look like they went as a goth.

The Doctor Who

They’ve spent a long time on their costume – they may have made it themselves or just gone for brown clothes with a bow-tie. Even though they’ll probably spend the party in someone’s room showing someone a blog on Tumblr, or their fan fiction, or just some fun images. All pretence is gone when later you spot them drunkenly pole-dancing as your mind (and phone camera) finally experiences what a pole-dancing Doctor Who would look like.

The Who Are You?

The Who Are You? has recently been to a convention and has an elaborate costume. You know it’s anime but you can’t quite place it. You see them spending the whole night telling people who they are and outlining the basic plot, including their opinion on whether the manga or anime is better. Which people will then reply to with ‘Do you like Pokemon – that’s anime right?’. This is unwise.

The Recycler

They have had the same costume for the last 5 years and just keep it handy to save time. They’ll be new at uni, so they’ll slip gently under the radar – until next year, when you see them again. You’ll find them at the bar, as they know that fancy dress just means drinking in funny outfits and it being acceptable.

The Banter

This is always the person who feels bravest, who is also the most likely to have a beer bong in his hand regardless of whether it’s a Monday or Friday. They could be one or two things – last year they came as Jimmy Savile and this year they’ll probably come as Ebola. Although tasteless, this usually causes people to cheer, and you usually find them at the bar being bought a steady stream of drinks by strangers applauding their bravery – or stupidity.

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Date Posted

28 October 2014