Christmas is out of the way and you’re currently living in a mince pie and Bailey’s induced limbo. But buckle up because party season isn’t over just yet.

After all that horizontal TV watching and stuffing your face with chocolates can mean that it feels like a lot of effort to put on your most swish outfit and meet your friends underneath the disco ball.

Let’s just say that post-Christmas is not a time when we’re feeling our most energetic and glamorous selves. In fact, the folks at The Telegraph went so far as to say that New Year is the worst night in the calendar, calling it the ‘epitomy of forced fun.’

BUT we’re inclined to disagree. Everyone feels pre-party jitters at some point. So if you’re feeling nervous ahead of this years New Years do, follow these tips to enter oozing confidence.

We guarantee you’ll have a good time.

-- fill me in Rosie --

Take it sloooow

Remember the club classic Infinity by Guru Josh Project? It told you to ‘Take. Your. Time’ – well, we’re going to do the same. Make New Year’s Eve a day of grooming. Spend time getting ready, take a long bath, get a Netflix show on in the background and start the process of pre-party grooming. By the time you head out the door you will be the epitome of chill.

-- fill me in Rosie --

Think about your outfit

Treat yourself to a new outfit with that Christmas money or even just clad yourself in a comfy classic that you know you will feel good in. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it’s comfortable so that you can focus on the party and not how high that skirt is riding up/ how itchy that shirt is.

-- fill me in Rosie --

It’s all about making an entrance

We know we sound like your mum but stand up straight and walk into that party/bar/club with confidence. Smile as you walk in and avoid looking down, slumping or fidgeting which will make you look nervous. And if you are feeling pretty nervous? Make like the rest of the world and fake it until you make it.

After a few drinks you’ll forget you were ever pretending.

-- fill me in Rosie --

Bring a bottle

If you’re at a party it never harms to bring a gift for the host. A bottle of wine is always easy but if your host doesn’t drink then we’re sure you can get imaginative with all that leftover Christmas food that’s on offer at the local supermarket. If you don’t know your host, this’ll certainly score you some brownie points.

-- fill me in Rosie --

Find your friends

This might sound obvious but make sure you say hi to all the people you know. Of course, we’re always more inclined to stick with our closest friends but if you spot some casual acquaintances then make the effort to chat to them as well. Who knows, you might go into 2019 with a new BFF.

-- fill me in Rosie --

Use positive affirmations

This might feel embarrassing at first but if you’re still feeling nervous, using positive affirmations can be a great way to up your confidence levels.

They can be as simple as telling yourself “I’m going to have an amazing night”, “I’m going to make friends”, “I look bloody fantastic”.

Although once you’ve actually arrived at the party, it might be best to do this in your head (to save other people turning theirs).

-- fill me in Rosie --

Keep your body language open

Face people straight on, lean into them and point your feet towards the person you’re speaking with. Use a relaxed posture (release the tension in those shoulders) and widen your stance to show confidence. Avoid crossing your arms, fidgeting or playing on your phone and try and stay engaged in your conversations – you’ll make an amazing impression.

-- fill me in Rosie --

Get an eyeful

As you glance around the room make sure that you make eye contact with other partygoers. You’re more likely to be noticed (and approached) if you make eyes with other people.

Who knows, if there is mistletoe-hanging overhead you might get lucky. Of course, it’s all about moderation - eyeball the wrong person for too long and it might go down like a hidden bone in your Christmas chicken.

-- fill me in Rosie --


It might sound boring but a genuine smile can go a long way when you’re in new company. Not only will smiling make you a more attractive prospect for conversation but according to Dr Ronald Riggio, every time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. He told Psychology Today that the very act of smiling itself activates neural messaging that helps to fight off stress.

-- fill me in Rosie --

And just breathe.

Socialising can take its toll. If you’re really finding it hard at your New Year’s party just remember to step back and take a minute to just focus on your breath. Hide yourself in the background and remember that breathing deeply can help reduce your stress levels.

Imagine filling yourself up with oxygen all the way from your toes to the top of your head while inhaling. Exhale and then picture yourself releasing all of that oxygen along with your stress.

If you’re feeling nervous about your New Year event, know that you are not alone. Follow the above tips and we know you’ll have a party to remember. Start 2019 your most confident self – you’ve got this!

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Date Posted

30 December 2018