Students are required to re-enrol annually. If you do not re-enrol you will no longer be treated as a student of the University and your student rights (such as library and IT access) will be revoked.

What is enrolment?

Enrolment is the process through which you:

  • Agree to be a student at the University for the whole, or part of, the academic year.
  • Indicate your agreement to to abide by the Regulations and Ordinances of the University - something which is legally required of all students.
  • Check and update key personal information in your student record.

If you do not enrol you will not be entitled to:

  • Your student ID card
  • Resources for your programme of study
  • Participate in assessment
  • Receive a Council Tax Exemption Certificate (where appropriate)
  • Receive your Student Loan (where applicable)
  • Live in halls of residence (where applicable)
  • Access additional University services and information.
Remember, you student loan from the government will not be paid into your account unless you re-enrol at university. 💰💰💰

How do I enrol?

Depending on your university, you may have to confirm your attendance by swiping your I.D. card, confirming on your university intranet and/or telling your Student Services Centre. If you are unsure, check your university website for details or just ask your tutor.

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Now go and re-enrol if you haven't already done so!

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Student Life

Date Posted

21 September 2017