It’s St Patrick's day! Everyone is celebrating their Irish pride. Green is everywhere. Most people will be using this as an occasion to drink themselves blind. Whether you hail from the Emerald Isles or not. A pint of Guinness is a staple of this holiday and if you want something to help soak up some of that stouty goodness. Here are some great options you accompany to beverage of choice.

Pint of green alcohol

Soda Bread

Staring with the simplest thing to get your hands (and natural soaker of alcohol) Irish soda bread is a great pair with your frothy pint. Loads of versatility here with sandwiches, toasties or on the side with a fry up. Great companion if your on the go to your next drinking location.

Irish soda bread

Dublin Coddle

An irish spin on beef stew stocked with bacon, pork sausages, onions and potatoes. This is all slow cooked in delicious thick gravy. Easy to prepare and rustic so anyone can give this Irish classic a go. Hearty and filling to line your stomach for a few of the black stuff.

Dublin Coddle


Stay with me on this one! This can sound like the culinary pairing of orange juice and toothpaste to you but for the more adventurous Paddy's pilgrimage oysters is the way to go. The pairing of guinness and oysters while odd sounding is a sensation for the taste buds and has converted even the most adamant of mollusk critics. There is even stouts brewed using oyster shells.

Oysters and Guinness

Fish and Chips

This has more association with the British but this meal combined with your first sip of ebony nectar will bring out your irish pride regardless. You know this dish, battered and fried fish of your choice (commonly Cod and Haddock) with some lovely golden chips or fries make this easy to find classic an obvious choice.

Fish and Chips

Guinness Gingerbread Bundt Cake

Guinness, on Guinness, on Guinness. This eye watering cake will appease anyone with a sweet tooth and a taste for the black custard. A great festive spiced dessert drizzled with salted caramel, this decadent indulgence is best shared with friends and family with a cold drink.

Guinness Gingerbread Bundt Cake

Corned beef and cabbage

Actually an adapted dish from the more traditional bacon and cabbage (another great option) this variation came from the Irish immigrants making their start in the land of opportunity Corned beef was much more widely available to keep this irish dish alive in the new world. This twist on the more traditional choice is actually a real welcomed pairing especially with a pint of plain! Beef is naturally a good pair with guinness. This meal has got those rustic flavours that works so well. That’s why we raise our glass to our transatlantic cousins across the pond on this adaption.

Corned beef and cabbage

Those were our choices for the tastiest combos with the iconic black stuff. Agree with us or is there something we should have added? Tell us what you think is your best pairing. Whatever your pairing, drink responsibly and eat well this St Patrick’s day.

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Date Posted

21 March 2019