From studying, partying, to having sex - students have a playlist for just about everything.

As our lives continue to be altered by ‘the new normal', finding joy in the form of music is more important than ever.

Here at Smart Pig, we know how important music is to the overall student experience, so we decided to investigate what people are listening to while living their best student life. To do that, we used online aggregation tool The Playlist Miner to identify the top tracks from the most popular public playlists on Spotify that match each search criteria.

From studying, partying, even to having sex – there is a playlist for just about everything nowadays! Here is what you are all listening to…

The Ultimate Playlist for…Having Sex

It seems that listeners are more than happy to create a playlist for their escapades in the bedroom! A total of 761,891 songs were analysed to determine the ultimate sex playlist, with the average duration of a sex playlist song coming in at 3 minutes 51 seconds. It also appears that 2015 was the year of the sexiest song releases.

It turns out that people love listening to The Weeknd when getting in the mood, with six songs featuring the Canadian heartthrob making the top ten list of saucy tracks.

Listen to the ultimate sex playlist here

The Ultimate Playlist for…Studying

Time spent studying is vital for students. Student life can be exciting, but we all have to work sometimes! Finding the right playlist is essential to a productive study session, and teen sensation Billie Eilish is apparently the study session queen for many listeners. After analysing almost two million songs, she appeared in more study playlists than any other artist.

The typical study session song is a short one, clocking in at an average of 2 minutes 45 seconds. The most popular genre is lo-fi beats, with an average of 111bpm in each song.

Ultimate Study Playlist

Listen to the ultimate study playlist here

The Ultimate Playlist for… Exercising

Ultimate Workout Playlist

Exercise has been vital during lockdown, and a solid workout playlist is essential in these difficult times. After analysing over 800,000 songs, ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem emerged as the undisputed ‘workout song’ for listeners. Kanye West and Tiësto also featured in the top ten list.

Pop dance is the most popular genre to listen to whilst working up a sweat, with the typical workout song lasting 3 minutes 38 seconds.

Listen to the ultimate workout playlist here

The Ultimate Playlist for…Partying

Remember house parties and going to the pub? You’re not going crazy; partying did used to exist, albeit it is all a long, distant memory now. Despite it being a long time since any of us enjoyed a shindig, there are plenty of playlists aiming to find the ultimate party soundtrack. After analysing over a million songs, Lose Control by Meduza was crowned the top party track.

MEDUZA was also the top artist for party songs, with the typical tune containing a whopping 124bpm, and lasting 3 minutes 5 seconds.

Ultimate Party Playlist

Listen to the ultimate party playlist here

The Ultimate Playlist for… Lockdown

Being in lockdown has been a strange experience for us all, and many people have resorted to creating playlists specifically to deal with the experience of lockdown.

Almost 700,000 songs were analysed, with good old fashioned pop music emerging as the most popular genre of music for our comfort playlists. The average song comes in at 3 minutes 41 seconds, and the late Mac Miller was crowned the most popular artist. His song ‘Self Care’ was included in lockdown playlists more frequently than any other song.

Ultimate Lockdown Playlist

Listen to the ultimate lockdown playlist here


Music has been more important than ever in recent times, and it turns out there really is a playlist for everything!

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To find the most used tracks and artist for each playlist, we searched The Playlist Miner for five keywords related to each category.

Exportify was then used to generate data on the song duration, energy levels, year of release and genre mixes.

Raw data can be found here.

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Student Life

Date Posted

23 April 2021