Everyone’s gearing up for this year’s Superbowl, where we see the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks in the most anticipated game of the season. Worried about not getting a seat at the SU? Throw your own party and make it the best the campus has ever seen.

Getting Ready

Make getting ready a highlight of the night. With a pillow, some duct tape and some clever positioning you too can have the chunky silhouette of an American Football player. Do this before or after the game to celebrate. To complete the look make sure someone has gone to the shop and got an actual American Football – if you’re not a purist, a rugby ball is easier to get your hands on.

The Screen

The media student you know is now your best friend – they are the ones at the top of the list when it comes to renting equipment. If you can get your hands on a projector you’re in the game! Failing this, you’ll either have to go begging or grab hold of the biggest TV you have between your friends.


You could hardly miss this off your shopping list. This is where the beer connoisseurs really shine. The one redeeming factor about watching the Superbowl from the UK is that we don’t have to drink lager; instead, just roll up to the local and leave with a keg of Speckled Hen. Drink it from a red party cup and if anyone asks tell them it’s Coors Light.


Just like Christmas, this is a time to eat as much as you can over a few hours without any shame. The golden rule for Superbowl is to make sure everything is within hands’ reach and keep your eye on the screen. We recommend nachos and pizza – both great hot and cold, and obviously both go well with beer.

Tactical Half-Time

Half-time isn’t just for the players. You need to be efficient to get a tactical advantage. Plan to get this done whilst Katy Perry sings during the break, unless you like that kind of thing. Go to the toilet, restock food or if you really have to, manically run to the shop to stock up on more beer. Remember, the whole experience relies on a combination of late-night Dominos and a 24/7 bargain booze.


To be honest, in the UK nobody really knows what’s going on so just have a great night with your mates. Be forgiving to the newbies/everyone who isn’t sure of the rules, even if they ask ‘Isn’t this pretty much rugby?’. The more people you get loving American Football, the bigger and better the party next year.

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Date Posted

30 January 2015