When you sign up with Smart-Pig to apply for a Smart-Pig short term student loan, your personal loan account will hold all your details, useful information and your Smart-Pig history. Online student accounts can be confusing, so we’ve kept it simple to offer you the best student account we can! Use the menu on the left-hand side to jump to important sections.

Account Overview

This is your account homepage. The first thing it’ll show you is any outstanding Smart-Pig loans.

My Loans

Here you can see every loan you’ve ever taken out, or even applied for, with Smart-Pig. Each time you apply for a Smart-Pig student loan, the prospective loan gets its own Loan ID number (even if the application is rejected). The entry for each individual loan shows useful info, like:

  • The unique Loan ID
  • The loan amount and current balance
  • The due date
  • The current status

My Details

All your personal information is kept here - you’ll need to provide most of this information if you want to apply for a Smart-Pig student loan. Your contact information (home and university) and your banking details live here. This is where to go if you want to change your Smart-Pig account password or any of your other personal details.

Uploaded Files

We’ll usually ask you for some documents as part of your loan application, to show that you are at university and receiving regular income (whether that’s from a loan or from working). You can send files to us either by email or by uploading them in this section. If you send them to us over email from the same email address attached to your Smart-Pig account, the attachments will automatically show up here.

My Statements

Your statements for each Smart-Pig loan are held here. For every active loan, there is a document which shows you:

  • The loan amount
  • The interest that has been added to the loan
  • Any top-ups to that loan
  • Payments made against the loan


Helpful info about what you need to apply for a Smart-Pig loan, repayments, changes in your circumstances, and other bits and pieces.

We’d like to think ours is one of the best student personal loan accounts out there - why not take a look, and let us know whether you agree?