Quick same day loans for students

We’ve all heard the horror stories. It’s Day 1 of the new term, you’re young and (mostly) eager to learn, but not before you’ve got a week’s worth of Freshers parties under your belt.

And then you learn your student finance loan hasn’t gone through. You’re strapped for cash, penniless in a new town, dependent on either your parents or the mercy of people you’ve known for barely 5 minutes. What do you do?

Smart-Pig has the answer. While quick loans for students might sound scary, with Smart-Pig it’s simple and easy; and our ethical pledge means you know exactly how much you’ll pay back, with no hidden surprises or sudden extra charges. After all, university is all about learning to be independent and standing on your own two feet, right?

With our quick loans and same day loans, you could receive those much-needed funds in less than 90 minutes - simply pay it back when you receive your next student finance loan. Even if that arrives late, our 10-day grace period means that your repayment is still defined as being “on time” if it’s paid within 10 days of being due. You can learn more about how our quick loans work here.

We don’t charge late payment fees, but your credit rating could be affected if you are late with loan repayments. Check out Smart Pig’s quick loans, and see if we can give you a hand.

You might need a quick same day student loan if...

…your student finance loan, NHS bursary or SAAS payment has been delayed, or if you have a sudden emergency that needs attending to in a hurry. Water leaks won’t wait for your next instalment - Smart-Pig’s quick loans can save you from having to swim up your stairs!