If you need to get through the summer holidays, a 3 month loan can do the trick...

We know what it’s like to be a student. However good the deals and discounts, most of us have a pretty small pot of cash with which to get through the terms - even with the occasional care package from home. And then of course there are the summer holidays, where most students don’t receive a student finance payment to carry them through it. These are the times when we could really do with a quick 3 month loan.

We weren't happy with the quick cash loans available, so we made our own 3 month payday loans for students to use.

Smart-Pig student loans are easy, straightforward and no-hassle; and without an extortionate price tag in exchange for that ease. We were created by students specifically with students’ needs in mind - like the need for a quick month loan over the summer period.

Our 3-month loans specifically for students aren’t designed to be a long-term solution (the maximum you can borrow with us is £350, which won’t actually get you very far in the long term), but they can give you short-term help - even if all you need is £50 or a few days’ breathing space to find more permanent support.

It might sound small, but as we know it’s these little mercies that can make all the difference if you’re in the middle of a minor crisis. A small, short-term 3 month loan can help to create the space you need to deal with a situation, so you can then get back to the more important things in life - like living it.

Check out Smart Pig loans, and see if we can give you a hand.

You might need a 3 month loan if...

…you’ve got through your latest student loan instalment pretty quickly at the start of a new term. Whatever the reason, we don’t judge. Take a look at our application form to see if you meet the criteria.

Don't just take our word for it...

“Solid, fair and prompt service, [that] I've relied on for the majority of my undergraduate degree. Easy and fair service with no hitches at all, especially when issues concerning SF are worked out easily and without pressure.”

What they’ve said about us

If you have to get a loan, use Smart Pig

Smart Pig is so easy to use and fast! It’s easy to be approved and they allow a grace period. The system is set up with low-interest rates and for short terms so that their clients are more protected than with other loan agencies. I highly recommend Smart Pig.



star star star star star

Honestly the best loaning website

Honestly the best loaning website for students, there is honestly no way you can get bad credit from using smart pig due to the requirements for you to apply for a loan. They even give leeway with payback time which is so considerate. Have used smart pig for the three years I’ve been at uni and had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER



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Honestly a lifesaver

Honestly a lifesaver, as a student when you apply for accommodation you usually have to pay some rent for August, before you get student loan. This can always be difficult to raise if you don’t have a job and having an option for a loan is so useful and what you pay back is pretty decent.



star star star star

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, quick and easy too use and low-interest rates. Perfect for students. I am very happy with this service and will definitely be using them again



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Amazing Idea!

As a student, you can't get a standard loan and student finance will happily watch you starve. This really helped in those last couple of weeks before my student finance loan came in! As long as you pay it back on time it's fantastic and super easy!



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Highly Recommend

Student loan not due for a week & I was desperate for funds to pay month-end bills and for transport. Thank you to smart pig who I found through google just before applying for a rip-off payday loan. The entire process took 30mins (from applying to having funds in my account).



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