Responsible Lending

Responsible Lending is not just a phrase, it’s what we are – our entire business relies on it.

When you take out a Smart-Pig loan, it’s an agreement founded on trust. We never want our customers to default – Smart-Pig loans are for those occasions where your money just isn’t around when you need it to be, but you know you will have some money in the near future to repay.

Smart-Pig does everything possible to make sure that you, as the customer, are 100% satisfied with your experience with us. We have some of the lowest rates and best terms on the net, which we hope makes us one of the most ethical payday loan companies out there.

Always make sure you are certain of the terms and amount of repayment required of you before taking out a credit agreement. Remember, if you default on your agreement, SmartPig will not lend to you again, and you may find it hard to take out credit with other providers in the future. As an ethical lender, Smart-Pig is keen only to lend to those who can afford it.


Smart-Pig’s flexible loans let you choose exactly how much you need to borrow, and exactly how long for. He offers some of the best terms available on the net, and is the best payday solution by far for students looking to borrow between their student loan incomes. Furthermore, you can extend your loan or borrow more at any time by visiting My Account (up to predefined limits).

We love it when customers pay back early, so if you find you have money sooner than expected or have borrowed more than you need you can pay back all or part of the balance. Unlike some lenders there is no charge for paying early – why would we penalise you for something that benefits us?


We pledge to keep in contact with you through email throughout the whole lending process. Most actions, such as extending your loan and paying early can be done online through the website. We have a very comprehensive FAQ, that can be accessed at the top of each page.

Short-Term Cash

We don’t call it Wonga, we call it money. Your finances are a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. We hate to think of anyone getting into trouble with repaying their Smart-Pig loan – if you do have problems make sure you contact our helpful collections team as soon as possible.

SmartPig loans are short term – meaning you need to pay them back relatively quickly and in one payment. Everyone has a Smart-Pig moment from time to time, where you run into a financial emergency and the money just isn’t in your pocket until next month.

Maybe your car has a problem, or the books for this term's reading cost £300 which you didn't plan for? Your rent deposit hasn’t been repaid and left you in the lurch? Nothing to be ashamed of – we’re here to make things easier for you if you need it sorting out really quickly, even if just to give you time to arrange another source of funds.

Fully Accredited

Smart-Pig is a trading name of FCL Consumer Finance Ltd, the first trading company in it's class (HCSTC) to be authorised by the FCA in the UK. All of our loans, terms and conditions comply with the Consumer Credit Act 2006 and the OFT’s Irresponsible Lending Guidelines.

We are a member of the Consumer Credit Trading Authority (CCTA), one of the UK’s premier bodies for loan providers. A link to their site can be found at the foot of the page.


Smart-Pig is one of the cheapest online short-term lenders on the internet. However, we are still more expensive than many forms of traditional borrowing, such as a mortgage or long term bank loan.

Taking out a Smart-Pig loan is convenient – you don’t have to deal with any banks, we can tailor your loan, and if all goes well not affect your credit history. The way we see it, you pay a small premium for the convenience of having your cash-flows rearranged when the only alternative is use of an unauthorised overdraft.

According to Money Saving Expert, some banks can charge up to £35 per week for going into an unauthorised overdraft, with additional charges each time the card is used. At £20 per transaction, a short unauthorised shopping trip visiting 5 shops could cost you an extra £100! That makes Smart-Pig a far cheaper alternative. Please note that actual unauthorised overdraft charges vary from bank to bank.

A Mutual Pledge

When taking out a Smart-Pig loan you pledge to repay us on the agreed date. This is a mutual agreement that we expect to be taken very seriously –after all, we've trusted you enough to fulfil our side of the promise! With Smart-Pig, all the details of our short-term loans are available up front and are agreed by both parties before the loan is made.

Whilst you have pledged to pay us back on time, we pledge to always treat people who run into difficulties with understanding and respect. Defaulting is a serious matter, but you should always expect high standards when dealing with us.