Student Overdrafts

If you’re weighing up your options when it comes to getting a little bit extra cash to tide you over until your next loan instalment, then you’re probably stuck between a student overdraft and a Smart-Pig short term student loan.


A student overdraft extension can take a long time to organise, but a Smart Pig loan could be in your bank within thirty minutes, or up to three working days, depending on whether your bank is subscribed to the ‘Faster Payment’ service. Sometimes in an emergency you need that extra money there and then.

Less Expensive

Depending on what type of account you may have, using your overdraft may cost you. Student overdrafts are free in the UK, but they are not free forever, so if you have plunged the depths of your overdraft, then you will have to start paying fees when it changes into a standard account or an unexpected cost forces you outside of your free overdraft limit.


Your overdraft extension may not be enough and you might struggle to pay it back. A loan from Smart-Pig will make sure that you don’t have to pay it back until your student loan has come in.

Apply today

Smart-Pig is designed for students. We let you borrow up to £350 until your next student loan instalment. We are committed to responsible lending, and we want to make your lives easier.