Smart-Pig loans pricing

Our personal loans for students cost from £2.00 to £5.60 per week per £100 borrowed*. That’s 0.8% interest per day, with the maximum interest you can owe capped at half of what you borrow. There are no late payment fees or other costs.

To borrow £100, a 25-week loan repaying £150 costs £2.00 per week. A 1 week loan repaying £105.60 costs £5.60 per week. Despite the APR (Annual Percentage Rate), our loans don’t cost thousands of percent in interest - you can read more about APR here.

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Created by students, for students

Smart-Pig was created by students after one of our founders had a bad experience with a payday loan. We decided students needed an alternative designed just for us. Unlike other short term lenders, we have been specifically designed for students.

Smart-Pig made our first personal loans for students from a university bedroom in 2012. Any UK student with student finance, SAAS finance or any NHS bursary can apply for one of our quick, instant loans. We also offer short term loans for postgraduate students, so if you're already a graduate and want to keep studying, we are still here to support you.

We do everything we can to ensure we can lend to all types of students, whether you're an international student, a student nurse or a mature student studying anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.


What they’ve said about us

If you have to get a loan, use Smart Pig

Smart Pig is so easy to use and fast! It’s easy to be approved and they allow a grace period. The system is set up with low-interest rates and for short terms so that their clients are more protected than with other loan agencies. I highly recommend Smart Pig.



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Honestly the best loaning website

Honestly the best loaning website for students, there is honestly no way you can get bad credit from using smart pig due to the requirements for you to apply for a loan. They even give leeway with payback time which is so considerate. Have used smart pig for the three years I’ve been at uni and had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER



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Honestly a lifesaver

Honestly a lifesaver, as a student when you apply for accommodation you usually have to pay some rent for August, before you get student loan. This can always be difficult to raise if you don’t have a job and having an option for a loan is so useful and what you pay back is pretty decent.



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Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, quick and easy too use and low-interest rates. Perfect for students. I am very happy with this service and will definitely be using them again



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Amazing Idea!

As a student, you can't get a standard loan and student finance will happily watch you starve. This really helped in those last couple of weeks before my student finance loan came in! As long as you pay it back on time it's fantastic and super easy!



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Highly Recommend

Student loan not due for a week & I was desperate for funds to pay month-end bills and for transport. Thank you to smart pig who I found through google just before applying for a rip-off payday loan. The entire process took 30mins (from applying to having funds in my account).



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