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Smart-Pig loans pricing

Our personal loans for students cost from £2.00 to £5.60 per week per £100 borrowed*. That’s 0.8% interest per day, with the maximum interest you can owe capped at half of what you borrow. There are no late payment fees or other costs.

To borrow £100, a 25-week loan repaying £150 costs £2.00 per week. A 1 week loan repaying £105.60 costs £5.60 per week. Despite the APR (Annual Percentage Rate), our loans don’t cost thousands of percent in interest - you can read more about APR here.

What does a Smart-Pig loan cost?

Created by students, for students

Smart-Pig was created by students after one of our founders had a bad experience with a payday loan. We decided students needed an alternative designed just for us. Unlike other short term lenders, we have been specifically designed for students.

Smart-Pig made our first personal loans for students from a university bedroom in 2012. Any UK student with student finance, SAAS finance or any NHS bursary can apply for one of our quick, instant loans. We also offer short term loans for postgraduate students, so if you're already a graduate and want to keep studying, we are still here to support you.

We do everything we can to ensure we can lend to all types of students, whether you're an international student, a student nurse or a mature student studying anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.

Made by students, for students

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Our customer services team at our UK call centre are on hand to deal with any queries you may have. You can also access your account online 24-hours a day via desktop, mobile or your tablet device.

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