What a Few People Have to Say About Our Service

Kvaun Wilson
University of Brighton

"Smart-Pig is awesome! I get loans of a few hundred quid just when I need it and don't have to worry about paying it back in a week or two, because I pay it back on my next loan due date. Simple!

Honestly the cap on the amount you pay back makes the loan amazing, you don't have to worry about it climbing and more over the grace period too. Don't get me started on that. Having a grace period makes things stress free knowing that even if your student loan is late, smart-pig will be patient about it."

Tom Cryle
University of Birmingham

"Very good service. Everything is explained easily and simply. All is clear and you receive the funds when they tell you. Excellent text service to remind of a payment.

The maximum amount of a loan is set at £350, which isn't too high and is safe for students as most would take more than that is available which would leave them in a worse situation when student finance comes. Great service, will struggle to make improvements.
As for the product, it's quick, simple and easy to complete and the process is exactly what it says."

Hene Da Silva
University of Warwick

"I'm so glad I found Smart-Pig loans. It's quick and simple to use and very reliable. I have used them plenty of times and I have no negatives to say.

Its an excellent service and is straight to the point. When I apply for the loan the money is in my account in no time.

The website I very easy to use and they are always available. When I need to call or email them, they respond pretty quick. I'm so glad there is a service like that for students in need of money in an emergency. Highly recommend."

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk
Your University may be able to offer financial support and advice.
Representative Example: £250 loan for 87 days. Interest 292% p.a. fixed. Total to repay £375.00. Representative 448% APR