Most of us have been spending the bulk of our time indoors this year, and binge-watching has become more popular than ever.

Here at Smart Pig, we know what it’s like to be looking for new ways to help with finances, so that got us thinking, what would some of our favourite characters from film and TV be able to take home if they were social media influencers? 

From the Mandalorian, through to David from Schitt’s Creek and even Disney Princesses, we have compared seven iconic characters with their real-world alternatives in order to gauge how much they would be able to earn for a promotional post, as well as how much they can earn in a year.

We analysed the social stats for real-world alternatives across Instagram and Twitter, looking at their number of followers and post frequency to highlight which character would top our ‘Fictional Social Influencer’ list.

Read on to find out which of your favourite characters would make the biggest impact as a social media star.

Iron Man

Iron Man/ Tony Stark - Played by Robert Downey Jr.

The billionaire playboy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stark defies the notion that intelligent scientific geniuses need to be boring. For a real-world equivalent, there was only one choice – it had to be Elon Musk. Based on the example of Musk’s social count of a combined 40 million followers, Iron Man could earn a whopping £301k for every sponsored social media post, with potential annual social earnings of £355m on an average 1,177 posts a year. If the Avengers ever boot him out of the team, he’s got a pretty solid backup plan to rely on!

The Mandalorian

Din Djarin (“The Mandalorian”) – Played by Pedro Pascal

Din Djarin splits his time between bounty hunting and babysitting a mysterious ‘child’, as the title character of the hit Start Wars spin-off ‘The Mandalorian’. While there are not many real-world alternatives that fit these exact criteria, there is a faceless wanderer who, like Din Djarin, leaves his mark wherever he’s been.

Though bounty hunter and artist are two professions with few similarities, Mando and Banksy have one thing in common – both remain totally anonymous whilst going about their work. Din Djarin isn’t in the same league as Iron Man but could still earn a cool £21k with each social post. However, with only an average of 17 social posts a year, this brings his potential annual earnings in at £362k.

David Rose

David Rose (“Schitts Creek”) – Played by Daniel Levy

Schitt’s Creek has to go down as one of the best comedy series made in years, and for many, the breakout star of the show was David Rose, played by writer and actor Daniel Levy. A fashionista with an eye for stylish clothes, David picked out clothes and also opened his own store in the show. For that, his real-world equivalent had to be Tan France, a British fashion guru and one-fifth of the Queer Eye team. With potential earnings of £12k per post, his average 337 posts a year would bring in £1.8m per year, David could afford plenty more clothes if he pivoted his business plan to include work as a social influencer.


Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”) – Played by Emma Watson

Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale, with a charming Prince turned into a beast, before the loving care of Belle saves the day. Though we’re not suggesting that Prince William is a hairy monster, Belle and Kate Middleton are both living the lavish life of a Princess in their happily ever after story, making The Duchess of Cambridge an ideal real-world equivalent. Belle’s potential earnings as a social influencer come in at £40k per post, and with a whopping 2,227 posts per year would bank an extra £38m per year.


Borat – Played by Sacha Baron-Cohen

Everyone’s favourite Kazakhstani TV personality, Borat has released two hit movies. As for a real-world equivalent, Borat’s reputation as a quirky personality with a unique interviewing style leaves only one option – Britain’s own Louis Theroux. Borat could earn £18k with each social post, making his 433 posts a year bring in £5.9m a year as an influencer. Very nice!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman – Played by Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman needs no introduction, and there can be only one choice for a real-world equivalent - Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has shown bravery in American politics, making her mark in a male-dominated industry and is a hero to many. If superhero work ever dries up, Wonder Woman could earn £95k per social post. With post numbers showing an almost superhuman level at 1,219 a year, her potential annual earnings would be £92.1m. Even Bruce Wayne might start asking for a loan from the Amazonian Princess if she ever turned to the world of social media influencer posts.


Tiana (“Princess and the Frog”) – Played by Anika Noni Rose

As she sang in the film, Tiana ‘worked hard for everything she got’, and as such, Meghan Markle is the perfect real-world equivalent, thanks to her hard work in the acting world before marrying Prince Harry. Tiana could earn £4.5m a year as an influencer, based on the example of 216 posts a year at £21k per social post.

Table of earnings


Whilst it would be great if we could all rely on earning thousands from our social media posts, this is not an option for the majority of people.

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*Social Media Stats taken from Twitter and Instagram in November 2020.

** Social Media Post Values calculated using the Influencer Marketing Hub Calculators

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11 December 2020