Quick loans for students

Smart-Pig was created by two students at uni in 2012 to give UK students a quick way to borrow money until their next student finance payment. We realised that a lot of short-term loan companies targeted students, but their products were not designed for us and it was easy for students to get into trouble – something our co-founder experienced first-hand. We decided to create our own version to offer quick short-term loans, created by students, just for students.

Our loans are designed to be safe and affordable for students to use – for more about how we created Smart-Pig, read about Our Story.

What is a quick loan?

Our quick student loans give you a way to get up to £350 into your account the same day, usually within an hour. Fill out the quick application with a few simple details and you could be paid within minutes. Smart-Pig could be one of the quickest ways for you to access cash without relying on friends or family.

To make sure our loans are always affordable, and so costs can never get out of control, interest is capped for every loan at 50% of what you borrowed – this means that the maximum in interest you will pay on a £100 loan is £50. That’s regardless of the APR you see on our website or no matter how long you borrow for. You can learn more about how APR works here.

How do our quick loans for students work?

If you have a loan from Student Finance (England, Wales or NI), an NHS Bursary or a Scottish SAAS loan, you can apply and get cash into your account within a few minutes. Just fill out our quick loan application online and Apply Now for a same day loan for students.

You repay your loan in one repayment when your next student finance is due. There are no late payment fees or hidden charges and all loans automatically come with a 10-day grace period, just in case your student finance arrives a bit later than you expected. For more information, see How it Works.

If your student loan is delayed for longer than 10 days or you need more time to repay your loan, we have options to help such as setting up a repayment arrangement that is suitable for you.

How fast can a quick loan be approved?

An application for a quick student loan takes about five minutes. To learn more about our application process,
check How to Apply.

You’ll have to provide proof of your student income, which you can get quickly and easily online in just a few steps.
Read our guides on how to do this for your Student Finance Loan, NHS Bursary or SAAS Loan.

We review every loan application to make sure it’s affordable. Your loan can be approved and paid to you within a few minutes during our opening hours (9am-8pm on weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends/ bank holidays). A Smart-Pig loan can be an instant loan for students!

Why choose Smart-Pig for a quick loan?

  • Smart-Pig is the only place to get a quick, same day loan using your student finance.
  • There are no late payment fees or hidden costs – ever!
  • Our grace period makes sure you pay no interest for the 10 days after your loan is due, in case your student finance is paid late.
  • Our 50% interest cap is half the amount most other short-term lenders and this aims to make sure what you have to repay never gets out of control.
  • Smart-Pig loans may be much cheaper than you expect – to borrow £100 for two weeks costs just £11.20 in interest.
  • Repay early at any time and to save on interest.

If you would like any additional information or have any questions, please get into touch and our friendly team will be happy to help. You can email us on [email protected] or give us a call on 0203 507 1930

Representative Example: £200 loan for 30 days. Interest 292% p.a. fixed. Total to repay £248.00. Representative 1270% APR