Sometimes a quick £50 loan is all you need to get through your next student loan...

Being a student is, for the most part, bloody brilliant. It’s common knowledge now that we don’t just go to a higher education establishment for the learning; we also go for the experience, often to move away from the family home, to get our first real taste of independence (this may not be true for everyone, but it is for many students).

However, once you’re pulled into the hedonistic uni lifestyle it sometimes takes a bit of a bump to bring you back to reality. That might be a particularly bad hangover, or a receipt you’ve discovered stuffed somewhere on your person, or a bit of a crisis that forces you to do the dreaded and check your bank balance. You may be in need of a quick £50 loan to get to the end of the week and no one has the cash to provide you with.

If you should find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation, financially speaking, turn to Smart-Pig as an alternative for quick student cash loans to borrow today. We’re a short-term, payday loans company, yes, but not a scary one - we’re especially for students.

Our loans are small (£350 at most), very temporary (6 months is the longest period you can borrow for) and definitely not a permanent solution to long-term financial issues. What we are is a lender (not a broker) that provides a lifeline, and our £50 loans can be a welcome, short term solution to some of the hurdles of student life; especially when you might not have the people around you to help you out.

Students tend to be pretty good at being economical - we have to be - so it may be that all you need from our quick £50 loans is a tiny boost to get you through a week or two. Maybe you’ve already got your travel and accommodation covered by the time your bank account runs dry, so you literally just need a bit of help with important things like, you know, eating (posthumous degrees aren’t really our favourite).

Smart-Pig can save you from needing to rely on your new-found foraging skills. Take a look at our online £50 loan application process to find out how to get approval for a quick £50 loan today or visit the loans for students homepage and use our payday loan calculator to check the numbers involved in your £50 loan request today.

You might need a quick £50 loan for...

…those last couple of textbooks that everyone ends up scribbling all over (so second-hand ones are kind of incomprehensible). Or a fortnight of food (definitely possible, if you’re careful) when you’d forgotten you already spent your last few precious pounds…(what on, we won’t ask). But remember people, there are some things you shouldn’t spend your short term student loan on- we are just a safety net of cash to get you through the next couple of weeks.

How do I get a quick £50 Loan Today?

To get a quick £50 loan with Smart Pig, you simply have to fill out an online application. Start by telling us some info like when the start date of your next term is, and choosing your loan terms with our loan calculator. The application process should only take around 5 minutes, then you just need to follow the instructions as they appear and send us the details of your student loan. If all goes well, you should receive your £50 loan within just 2 hours!

Don't just take our word for it...

"Most helpful, student-friendly short term lender. I have used twice now and both times have been hassle free and a super speedy process. Like when my phone bill was due 3 days before student finance? Borrowed £50 for 3 days and ended up costing me about £1.20? Will definitely use again. So helpful!"

What they’ve said about us

If you have to get a loan, use Smart Pig

Smart Pig is so easy to use and fast! It’s easy to be approved and they allow a grace period. The system is set up with low-interest rates and for short terms so that their clients are more protected than with other loan agencies. I highly recommend Smart Pig.



star star star star star

Honestly the best loaning website

Honestly the best loaning website for students, there is honestly no way you can get bad credit from using smart pig due to the requirements for you to apply for a loan. They even give leeway with payback time which is so considerate. Have used smart pig for the three years I’ve been at uni and had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER



star star star star star

Honestly a lifesaver

Honestly a lifesaver, as a student when you apply for accommodation you usually have to pay some rent for August, before you get student loan. This can always be difficult to raise if you don’t have a job and having an option for a loan is so useful and what you pay back is pretty decent.



star star star star

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, quick and easy too use and low-interest rates. Perfect for students. I am very happy with this service and will definitely be using them again



star star star star star

Amazing Idea!

As a student, you can't get a standard loan and student finance will happily watch you starve. This really helped in those last couple of weeks before my student finance loan came in! As long as you pay it back on time it's fantastic and super easy!



star star star star star

Highly Recommend

Student loan not due for a week & I was desperate for funds to pay month-end bills and for transport. Thank you to smart pig who I found through google just before applying for a rip-off payday loan. The entire process took 30mins (from applying to having funds in my account).



star star star star star

Need help? Speak to our team

Our customer services team at our UK call centre are on hand to deal with any queries you may have on our quick £50 loans. You can also access your account online 24-hours a day via desktop, mobile or your tablet device.

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